My listing is not showing

My listing is not showing

Ensuring your listings are displaying properly on the WE ARE REALTY network is important. Please review some common reasons your property may not be displaying as expected.


My Listing is showing on WE ARE REALTY but it is not connected to my profile

We link all MLS originating listing to partner accounts that have the same agent license number as either the first or second listing agent on the MLS feed.

Please ensure you have the correct license number in the edit profile section of your partner account. 


I posted my listing manually and it is still not showing

Posting listings with the WE ARE REALTY site should display immediately if the property status is For Sale, For Rent or Coming soon. All other property statuses are only available on either the partner smart map or your specific account.

Please verify you completed the listing process for your listing and view the active listing by clicking the public link on the deploy screen when adding a listing.


My listing is active on my MLS but I don't see it

Unfortunately, we do not have access to all MLS data feeds. Please ensure your area is covered.

Click here to check and see if your MLS has a direct feed set up with WE ARE REALTY.


If your MLS does have a direct feed set up, but you do not see your listings, please contact partner support. 

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