Import Property

Import Property

Unlike other CRM systems, WE ARE REALTY is built on the foundation of real estate. This allows you to easy track, edit and market to properties.

This allows you to easily create marketing farms, manage listings and track each and every property you want.

Our property import function allows you to import any amount of property records and have them show up in your CRM system. In most cases, Partners input title records from their local title rep. Our software will map each record and give you instant access to all the property data.

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Import Actions

  2. Go to the Property Import page
  3. Upload the Property Records File
  4. Wait for the import to complete

NOTE: Large files may take a considerable amount of time to load, please be patient.

In order to map each property record correctly, we must get the Longitude and Latitude record. We accomplish this automatically in the background using certain API requests.Unfortunately, each API request costs a fee from our service provides. This is why our system will charge a fee of $0.001 per property record in order to map. Properties with a longitude and latitude included in the datafile will not be billed.

Below is the property import page. This page allows you to either drag & drop or click to upload a file. The file should be a .csv with columns for each datafield.


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