Email Bounces

Email Bounces

Email campaigns can send to many email address at once. From time to time, our system may encounter an error with the receivers email address or email server making it unable to receive the message. This instances would be considered a "bounced" email. 

Hard Bounces


A hard bounce indicates a permanent reason an email cannot be delivered. In most cases, bounced email addresses are automatically removed from your email database to ensure they will not be sent during furture campaigns.

A few common reasons an email may hard bounce are...

  • The Email address doesn't exist.
    • may be a misspelling, changed email or deleted account
  • Email Domain doesn't exist.
    • the domain is not accepting email requests or is no longer hosted
  • Recipient email server has blocked delivery.
    • The webmaster has disabled the ability to receive messages
  • Mistakes
    • There are certain scenarios when an active email may mistakenly bounce

Soft Bounces


If a email is not received but the email address is correct, the campaign is likely soft bouncing. This could mean there is a temporary issue with the Receivers email server, their mailbox is full or there is a error in the size or content of the email being sent. 

  • The Receivers Mailbox is full.
  • The Receivers Email Server is offline.
  • The Email message is too large or has an error.

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