Connect An Email Account

Connect An Email Account


Before we developed the CRM system for professionals, we always ran into problems with email which costs us time and money. Issues like losing or taking a long time to find a certain email by a client, viewing if a client opened the email or the ability to send thousands of emails in a single campaign to a filtered list of contacts.

Email can be sent and received within the CRM system by linking your email address(es) with your account. This lesson will walk you through the process of linking emails, viewing the email inbox and sending emails to clients and property owners.

Email Inbox

View your email inbox(es) and sent folders for every email you use. Add senders to your contacts with just a click and allow our system to display your emails on each contact/lead, allowing you to never miss a client email again.

Email Composer

Sending email has never been easier. Easily compose an email as you would in any other email software but with more features to improve your efficiency. Attach files, quickly use email templates including a customized email signature, schedule emails to send later and more.

Email Templates

One of our favorite features of the website. Create email templates for commonly used responses and send them with just a click. 


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