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Text Marketing
Send text messages directly to contacts
so every communication is tracked.
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Text Marketing
Technology is designed to make your life easier, our unique technology increases sales and grows your business.
Text message directly with contacts
so every communication is recorded.

Seamless Messaging

Allow your whole team to communicate with your clients using text messaging direct to their mobile phone.

Seamless Messaging

Allow your whole team to communicate with your clients using text messaging direct to their mobile phone.


Text messaging is the most preferred way to communicate with clients. By allowing text conversations directly within your CRM, you can track each message and improve your client relationships with seamless communcation with your team and clients.

Unparalled Service

We go above and beyond for our clients, from helping stage each property to agressive marketing, all in order to accomplish your goals.

Professional Guidance

Knowledge is power and our expert agents guide you to make the best decisions every step of the way.

Track Results

Track every message and use analytics to better approach your clients.

Flexible Pricing

Text marketing solutions built for the individual and powerful enough for the largest companies.



per month

Single User
Chat Only
Secure Send
$0.02 per message*



per month

Single User
Chat & Campaigns
Secure Send
$0.01 per message*

Power Team


per month

Team Members
Chat & Campaigns
Secure Send
$0.01 per message*

*Message rates are based on current telecom rates and are subject to change with notice.
Plans include the stated limit of messages and rates apply for additional overage per message cost.

Text Message with WE ARE REALTY is designed to give your business all the power texting can offer.



Power Team

Messaging directly with your contacts or create text lists be easily filtering your database.

Easily send a text messages to property owners. This is great for reaching neighborhoods or when you are in the field.

Auto Response
Create action plans that trigger text messages when your clients take an action.

Schedule Messages
Schedule an individual text message to a contact or an entire text campaign.

Local Numbers
Managing your business numbers to specific localities for receiving and sending.

Toll-Free Numbers
License toll-free numbers that can be used for inbound and outbound texting.

Two-Way Messaging
Chat directly with your contact through the system with text conversations.

Text Campaigns
Create lists of contacts and property owners to send notifications.

Multimedia Messages
Text attachments including property pages, images and pdf documents when applicable.

Message Tracking
Track each message and view all of your actions for each contact.

Do Not Text
Manage compliance for text marketing to remove certain contacts from text lists as requred by law.

Legal Compliance
We've built our text messaging system to comply with federal regulations and requirements of our telecom partners.

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