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The Real Estate CRM

Without great technology, the average person can only service a maximum of 150 relationships. Our smart marketing capabilities allow you to create action plans and execute them automatically. Building more relationships with better communication.

Your potential clients are everywhere, the problem is how do you reach them consistently and effectively. Our smart marketing software allows you to effortlessly create and control marketing campaigns.

The only geographically focused CRM which allows you to track every action and send marketing campaigns by location. We believe the modern sales agent should be in the field and we designed our tools to allow that.

Whether by phone, letter, postcard, email, text or in person the need to track communication with your customers is critical to managing your relationships. Every action is tracked and logged to Leads, Contacts and Deals. When you look at a contact or property, you will see every action, communication and note in one place.

Track each property in your area like never before.