Verify a Bank Account for Payouts

Verify a Bank Account for Payouts

How to add and verify a bank account to receive payouts

Verifying a bank account to receive payments is a three step process that requires some additional information in order to verify the account with our third-party payment processor. 

Items needed to verify a bank account for payouts:

  • Goverment Issued ID
    • Front and Back of a valid Drivers License or
    • Passport
  • Tax Identification Number
    • Social Security Number or
    • Employer Identification Number
  • Billing Address
    • Address associated with the bank account

Step 1: Login to your Client Account using your email

Step 2: Add a Bank Account and Verify for Payments

  1. Link Bank Account using Online Login (Verify instantly for payments)
  2. Link Bank Account Manually (takes 1-2 business days to verify)

Step 3: Verify the Bank Account for Payouts

  1. Click the orange "Verify Payouts" button and follow those steps
  2. WE ARE REALTY staff will verify and may request the additional documents listed above





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