Verify a Bank Account for Payments

Verify a Bank Account for Payments

How to add and verify a bank account to make payments.

Verifying a bank account to make payments can be done with two different methods in order to verify the account with our third-party payment processor. 

Items needed to verify a bank account for payments:

  • Online Login Method
    • Bank Username
    • Bank Password
  • Manual Add
    • Name on Bank Account
    • Account Number
    • Electronic Routing Number
    • Billing Address
      • Address associated with the bank account
      • Address of the receiving bank

Step 1: Login to your Client Account using your email

Step 2: Add a Bank Account and Verify for Payments

  1. Link Bank Account using Online Login (Verify instantly for payments)
  2. Link Bank Account Manually (takes 1-2 business days to verify)

Step 3: Verify the Bank Account (for manual entry only)

  1. Check your bank account for two small transactions (a few cents each)
    1. Generally takes 1-2 business days for the amounts to show in your account
  2. Click "verify" next to your bank account that was added
  3. Enter the two amounts that arrived in your bank account and click to verify





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