HOA Resale Certificate

HOA Resale Certificate

A Homeowners Association (HOA) resale certificate, also known as a Transfer Demand, is a document or set of documents that you, as a buyer, would receive during the due diligence period when purchasing a home or condo with a Homes Owners Association. These documents contain important information about the Homeowners Association (HOA), including the budget, meeting minutes from the HOA’s most recent meeting, and the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) for the building in which the unit is located.

HOA Resale Certification

When you make an offer on a condominium unit or another property that is managed by an HOA, you should receive the resale certificate within seven to ten days. The resale certificate is issued by the HOA so in some cases, the process is not initiated due to miscommunication between your agent or your seller’s agent and the HOA.

How to Get a Resale Certificate

The Homeowners Association or their manager should prepare these documents with a written request from the Seller. Contact your Partner Agent to inquire about this document once you have an accepted offer and open escrow. 

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