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  • Import Contacts
    The most important aspect of the WE ARE REALTY system is your contacts (clients). This is why we built in powerful tools to help you migrate your contacts from your current database of CRM and import them into WE ARE REALTY. Watch Video:...

  • Sync Contacts Across Devices
    Being able to access and edit your contacts on your smartphone, computer and iPad is critical to the modern agent. Our software allows you to connect all your devices to ensure they sink effortlessly. The best way to accomplish this is by connecti...

  • Create a Contact
      Contacts are the central focus of the WE ARE REALTY CRM. T...

  • Delete a Contact
    The article will describe how to easily delete a contact permenantly from your account. We stress that this be used with careful consideration since all data for that contact will be lost. Please note, if that contact has a invoice attache...

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